Louis Le Chien, Therapy Dog


Louis has been at Jade Acupuncture since he was young pup of 8 weeks. Growing from an adorable little fluff ball into a handsome (and still incredibly adorable) tail-wagging gentleman, Louis is ready to greet you at the door. Since he “joined” our office, spirits have risen and a pervasive joie d’vivre infuses our daily lives. His constant entertainment, unconditional love, and laughs have made him an indispensable member of the Jade team. Louis is available for pats, licks, snuggles and belly rubs.

Please note:  Louis is a hypoallergenic dog and does not shed.  He also understands that not everyone is a “dog person” and is happy to give you space.

Aside from Jade Acupuncture being a magical healing place, and Clarissa Smith being a remarkable doctor, my favorite moment is arriving and upon opening the door, having Louis, Clarissa’s magnificent Golden Doodle wag his tail wildly and come and greet me with incredible warmth and affection.  There begins the appetizer healing process for me. Louis has special healing qualities all his own. The other humans in the office are also very warm and friendly, too!
— Cathy B.