Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture are synergistic therapeutic modalities that are often used together. These modalities are safe, effective ways to improve ones health over the long term. While many treatments help us feel good for the short term, the use of classical Chinese Herbal medicine can help us get to the deepest root of our illness.



How are Chinese Herbs prescribed?


We start from skilled diagnostic methods: taking your pulse, palpating your abdomen, sometimes looking at your tongue, as well as listening to what you tell us about your body.

An effective formula is put together according to the principles of classical combining. The formulas we put together are rooted in the classical literature of Chinese Medicine and are often modified to work specifically with each body’s complex presentation.

The Chinese Pharmacopeia is made up of many, many herbs. At Jade we stock a medicinary of about 120 herbs of the highest quality we can attain. We confidently use these herbs to make formulas specific to each of our patients.



How is Chinese Herbal Medicine consumed?


Herbs may be prescribed in many forms. The ideal is to get the most palatable form for the patient and the correct dose that the body will accept. There are teas, granules, tinctures, capsules and pills. Here at Jade we most often will suggest a tea from granules. This allows us to create and mix the formula specifically to your needs. When prescribed skillfully and correctly, Chinese Herbal Medicine rarely causes any side effects. Whether your condition is acute or chronic, Chinese herbs have the capacity to get to the root of most medical conditions and imbalances.

Often Chinese herbs are taken for a period of several months to get to the root of the problem. The formula is changed weekly or monthly depending on what the body tells us (via the pulse and abdomen).


Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine may be able to improve your health conditions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) have deemed Acupuncture to be safe and effective for more than 35 common health conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, depression and digestive issues.